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Zhejiang Xinghao Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2009, is a power meter manufacturer and energy management solutions provider in China. The company specializes in research and development, production and sales of a full spectrum of energy management products, including: Power meters (regular and prepaid); Power monitoring systems; Intelligent transformers, and Internet of Things communication equipment, among others.
With an R&D-centric culture and strong leadership, our team has developed over 30 IPS since 2019, including patents, smart power solutions and proprietary software. As an attestment, our company has been recognized by the provincial government as a National High-Tech Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) - a status awarded to SMEs with the highest innovative potentials.

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Xinghao technology wireless remote smart electricity meter

Automatic meter reading: daily automatic reading meter, historical data. Automatic settlement: daily automatic settlement of electricity bills, historical data; support time-sharing billing and ladder billing. Remote control: unpaid automatic power cut, payment automatic power up, can also manually remote power up and power off. Intelligent payment: customers use computer manually, users can also use WeChat public account to pay and check electricity. Information reminder: when the balance is insufficient or unpaid, users will be reminded through WeChat or text messages, and the bill is pushed throughWeChat. Real-time monitoring: when abnormal data or meter failure, the system will have an abnormal alarm on the home page. Loss analysis: transformer,building category, power type, station area and area. Report statistics: The report format can be customized according to the user needs.